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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Allen Vizzutti Concert!!
This Friday, February 24 at 7:30 PM we will be hosting the amazing Allen Vizzutti in concert!  If you go to one extra concert this year, this is the one to go to:)  The concert will feature this Internationally Acclaimed trumpet soloist with the UM Jazz 2, Hellgate Jazz and the UM Jazz 1!  
Swing For A Knight - Tickets issued
Last week all the band members were given tickets to sell for our 5th Annual Swing For A Knight event.  The event will be held Saturday, March 4th at the Missoula Senior Center.  This evening of LIVE music, swing dancing, amazing desserts and coffee and our silent auction is a TON of fun!!  Please ask your neighbors, friends and co-workers to purchase tickets and help us raise $$ for some much needed equipment for the Hellgate Band program!  THANKS for your help in selling tickets!!
UM Concert Band Festival - DETAILS:)
We still need one more parent chaperone to help with this trip.  If you are available to drive an equipment rig, or come join us for the day, please zip me an email back:) thanks in advance for the help:)
Next Tuesday, February 28 the Hellgate Concert Band and Symphonic Band will join 20 other bands from across Montana, Idaho and Washington to perform at the 35th Annual UM Concert Band Festival.  A detailed itinerary is below.
Quick reminder regarding uniform details.  For guys - double check that you have your white collared shirt, black bow tie, BLACK socks and BLACK shoes with your uniform, they fit and you are good to go.  For girls - your red performance dress and dress shoes.  Thanks for being sure that you have all of this on your body Tuesday morning.

University of Montana Concert Band Festival
Detailed Itinerary for Hellgate Concert Band and Symphonic Band
Tuesday, February 28,  2017
7:30 AM – Band Room OPEN (please arrive IN UNIFORM)
7:40 AM – ATTENDANCE TAKEN: Concert Band and Symphonic Band walk to the University.
7:45 AM - All instruments and luggage in “storage” rooms at UM Music Building.
        8:00 AM – Concert Band warms-up on stage in the Music Recital Hall
        8:30 AM – Concert Band performs in the University Theater
        9:00 AM – Concert Band goes to Music Building Room 1 for Clinic
        9:30 AM - Concert Band reports to University Theater to listen (with instruments)+
8:00 AM – Symphonic Band stores all instruments and then takes folders, listening surveys and pencils to U.T.
8:30 AM - Symphonic Band listens to Hellgate HS Concert Band
9:00 AM – Symphonic Band listens to Florence Carlton 8th Grade Band
        9:30 AM – Symphonic Band goes to Music Building – get instruments out of cases
        9:35 AM – Symphonic Band to Warm up room/Tuning/Prep
        10:00 AM – Symphonic Band Performs in the University Theater
        10:30 AM - Symphonic Band to Music Building Room 1 for Clinic (join schedule below)*
        11:00 AM – Symphonic Band changes clothes
+9:30 AM- Concert Band listens to Sentinel HS Symphonic Band
10:00 AM – Concert Band listens to Hellgate HS Symphonic Band (join us for Crescent City?)
10:30 AM – Concert Band listens to Glacier High School Concert Band
11:00 AM – Concert Band listens to Flathead High School Freshman Band
*11:30 AM– Concert Band report to music building – change clothes/prepare for lunch
12:00 PM – Masterclass with guest artist TRUMPET - Allen Vizzutti
12:00 PM – LUNCH on campus: We will walk to the UC Center together - $$ needed
12:45 PM – ALL STUDENTS report to designated seating in University Theatre
1:00 PM – Concert by University of Montana Symphonic Wind Ensemble and UM Jazz I
2:00 PM – Both Bands listen to Kalispell MS 8th Grade Band
2:30 PM – Both Bands listen to Stevensville HS Concert Band
2:50 PM - All band members walk back to school
Things you need to bring:
  1. Uniform on your body.
  2. Change of clothes in a small back pack.
  3. Folder with music (listening surveys and a pencil).
  4. Instrument, reeds, valve oil and all the extras you normally need.
  5. $$ for lunch (available at UC Center or Food Zoo)
In addition to performing and getting to work with some really great clinicians, we will have the opportunity to listen to other student musicians in action.  You will turn in a “critique”/concert evaluation form to express your reactions to ALL of the HS and MS band performances.  
Any items not shown below but required for our band’s performance will need to be transported to the University Theater.  We will pack all auxillary, snare, sus. cymbal and crash cymbals on Monday!
                             Timpani (set of 4)                                Xylophone
                             Bass Drum                                          Vibraphone
                             Concert Bells                                       Gong/Tam-Tam
                             Piano                                                   Marimba

I believe this is all for now:)  Appreciate you - SLATER