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March - April 2019:)

I have been sooooo busy with Hawaii trip preparations, I have nearly lost sight of what is coming up in April!!
Just a quick heads up that the week we return from Spring Break is a busy one:)
WEEK SCHEDULE for our return from Spring Break
Monday, April 1 - return to school
Tuesday, April 2 - ACT testing day at Hellgate - Saxophone Masterclass at Big Sky HS +
Wednesday, April 3 - ALL BANDS (PLUS select Small Ensembles)
Thursday, April 4 - Early AM - District Festival Adjudicated Performances
Friday, April 5 - No School
Saturday, April 6 - Solos and Small Ensembles - Big Sky High School
Saxophone Masterclass
Calling all saxophonists!
Masterclass with Derek Brown
Tuesday, April 2, 2:00-3:00 PM
Big Sky Band Room
Come check out the ground-breaking, beatbox-saxophonist Derek Brown (30+ million views on social media), who will be giving a saxophone masterclass at Big Sky right after spring break. Watch Derek do his unique style and be amazed! Please invite and encourage your students to attend. Come on over. RSVP anytime before that Tuesday afternoon so I can plan accordingly.
Thanks to Johan Eriksson and the UM Saxophone Studio for coordinating and supporting this masterclass. 
Musicianship Points for Quarter 3
Documentation of QT3 musicianship points will take place on Monday, April 8.  All practice assignments, private practice, extra small ensemble rehearsals, private lessons, District Festival solos and small ensembles, concert attendance and donations of service to the band community apply.
I am sure there is more....but I will have to update later, my brain is overflowing!
All for now - ALOHA!  Slater