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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017
Hope this finds you all doing well :)!  
As you may have heard, my brother in law lost his battle with cancer earlier this week.  We are traveling to Kansas to be with family for about the next week.  For Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Concert Band, I appreciate your continued hard work with Ms. Steedman.  Please treat her with respect and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from her (did you know that she was a top-call free lance percussionist in London, England for over 25 years?).  We are so fortunate to have her as a music sub in Missoula.
For Jazz 1 and Jazz 2, Mr. John Combs has agreed to step in and take the groups to the Livingston Jazz Festival tomorrow.  Our schedule remains the same as the printed itinerary that was sent home last week.  You all will be meeting at Hellgate tomorrow morning at 6:15 am.  Your black marching band shirt with nice jeans or slacks is your uniform.  Mr. Combs and Mr. Davis will be the chaperones for the trip.  If you need to contact the group during the trip tomorrow, please communicate with Mr. Davis at 406-491-5365.  Again, we are so fortunate to have these amazing educators step in and keep this opportunity available for us.  Please thank them every chance you get!  
I look forward to seeing you all next week.  Be well!  All for now - SLATER
Sunday, October 15, 2017
Thanks so much for all your hard work leading up to and during the parade yesterday:)!  You all looked great and sounded strong from beginning to end!  It felt so good being in front of our community with you all!!  Fabulous Job!!
All band members need to bring their uniforms to school with them on Monday morning.  
Guys - please bring your 1. overlay, 2. beret, 3. white marching shoes.
Girls - please bring in your entire uniform (including your hanger and bag) for check-in. We will be issuing performance dresses (and you will use your bag to transport them home). 
Guys performance uniform is: Hellgate uniform pants, uniform coat, white dress shirt with collar, BLACK polish-able dress shoes, black socks and black bow tie.  Families are responsible for providing the white dress shirt, black socks and black polish-able dress shoes.
Girls performance uniform is: red concert dress with BLACK DRESS SHOES (word from our audience last spring is that we need some help in this department:). Families are responsible for providing the black dress shoes.
Now is the time to let me know if you need help in getting any of these family provided items (I consider you my family and I am more than willing to help:).
Jazz Concert - Tech Crew: set-up/tear down
Hellgate Band Family!!  - Please come support these hard working kids!!
This Tuesday, October 17 we have our first Jazz Band concert of the year.  It will feature Hellgate Jazz 2, Hellgate Jazz 1 and Big Sky Jazz Band (we have shared this concert every year for the past 6 years:).
I need a crew of volunteers to help with set-up, tear down, tech booth (lights and sound) and program distribution (meet and greet smiley people).  I will be asking for volunteers for the jobs (musicianship points - Semester 1).
Set-up will take place on Tuesday immediately after school.
Tear-down will take place immediately following the concert.
Tech Crew and Meet & Greet people will need to meet at the Auditorium at 6:15 PM
Jazz Band call time is 6:20 PM with a rehearsal for "Second Line" finale piece at 6:30 PM.
Jazz Band - here is the link for Second Line - please make sure you have the head and form down for this tune. Uniform for Tuesday is PERFORMANCE UNIFORM.
Coffee fundraiser - $$ and orders due Tuesday, October 17!
I am extending this due date to Tuesday so you can get out and make a real effort of it on Monday afternoon!
Citrus Fundraiser starts on Tuesday!
Details posted here soon:)
Amazon - Opportunity to support the Hellgate Bands
AmazonSmile will donate .5% of all eligible purchases made by people who select Hellgate Band Parents as their charitable organization to the Hellgate Band Parents at no additional cost to us.  Just click on and log into your amazon account, shop and buy. It's that easy.  They send a check once the payment to us reaches a certain amount.   It's a great way to support the Hellgate Bands and get your shopping done:!  Every little bit can add up especially during this upcoming holiday season.  PLEASE SHARE THIS with your family and friends (@.5% we would have to collectively spend 100,000 to generate $500:)
To make it super easy - here is the link that goes directly to the Hellgate Band support page.  Click on this link first, confirm support and HAPPY SHOPPING!    
Wednesday, October 18 – Friday, October 20 - Bozeman, Montana
You will need to bring the following items:
·         Your complete school concert uniform:  red concert dress or uniform jacket and pants, white dress shirt, black bow tie, black shoes and black socks.
·         Your All-State music (in the folder) and two pencils; please put your name on all of your music.
·         Nice, but comfortable clothing for two days of rehearsals.  Please no ripped or shabby looking clothing.
·         All necessary over-night items and toiletries for 2 nights.
·         Spending money – you’ll need money for two dinners ($25 – 30).
Wednesday, October 18 
1:30 PM        Load Bus @ Hellgate
1:45 PM        Depart Missoula
4:45 PM        Arrive Bozeman Hotel        
5:00 PM        Dinner around Hotel
6:30 PM        Depart Ramada for BSH
6:45 PM        Arrive Bozeman Senior High for Registration & Auditions/Rehearsals
9:00 PM        Depart BSH for hotel
10:30 PM      Curfew
Thursday, October 19
7:50 AM        Depart Ramada
8:05 AM        Depart Bozeman Senior High
8:15 AM        Arrive Howard Hall - MSU Campus
8:30 AM        Rehearsals Begin
4:45 PM        Depart Bozeman Senior High
4:50 PM        Buses Travel to Howard Hall - MSU Campus
5:00 PM        Buses Depart MSU Campus
5:15 PM        Dinner around Hotel
6:20 PM        Depart Ramada
7:00 PM        Host Night Concert at MSU Fieldhouse
9:00 PM        Depart Fieldhouse
10:30 PM       Curfew
Friday, October 20
7:50 AM        Check-out and depart Ramada Inn
1. Have your concert attire out since you'll change for the concert at the fieldhouse
2. You can leave other luggage on the busses but there will be NO ACCESS to the bus until after the concert
8:05 AM        Depart Bozeman Senior High
8:15 AM        Arrive Howard Hall - MSU Campus
8:30 AM        Rehearsals begin
4:30 PM        Rehearsals End - Band is bussed to fieldhouse by Bozeman busses
5:00 PM        Pizza at the fieldhouse
7:00 PM        All-State Concert in the MSU Fieldhouse
9:30 PM        Depart Bozeman
12:30 AM – Sat.10/21 – arrive back at Hellgate
Following the Concert:  Quickly change clothes and report to the buses. We will want to get on the road as quickly as possible – Please double check that you have all luggage with you before the concert.  You will want to get snacks for the bus ride home BEFORE you arrive at the concert.  We will NOT be stopping for snacks/beverages before or after departing Bozeman. (band parents will be providing some snacks:)
IMPORTANT- If you are riding home with a parent, there is a form in the office that needs to be filed BEFORE we leave on Wednesday.  I will need to touch base with your parent IN PERSON before you are allowed to leave the group.  You may not ride with anyone except your parent.  Please remember that we are under school policy and rules for the entire trip.
I will be attending the Montana Music Educator’s Convention during the day.  If you need to contact me, please call my cell phone or text a message to (406) 218-8090. 
All for now - THANKS!  SLATER