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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Jazz Concert - Wednesday, September 22 - 7:00 PM
The drummer for one of the United State's premier service Big Bands, the Army BLUES, Sgt. Eric Tapper will be in concert at Hellgate HS auditorium next Wednesday, September 22!  The tickets for this event are $10/person.  The concert will begin with the Hellgate, Sentinel and Big Sky jazz bands each playing one tune.   The local Big Band, The Missoula Jazz Collective, will perform a complete set of music with Sargaent Tapper in the drum chair! It should be an amazing evening of music - I highly recommend this concert event for ALL students!  Percussion Ensemble students should plan on attending.
Band members:  Set-up will take place at 4:00 right after school/Tear down immediately after.  Saxes - Stands, Tbones - Chairs, Trumpets - Risers, Rhythm Section - ALL your own instruments/amps ready to go.  (Same for tear-down)
Uniform is BLACK shirt and Slacks of some kind (no jeans/no shorts).  Call time is 6:15 PM.
UM Homecoming Parade - CANCELLED
I am sure you have all heard by now that the UM Homecoming Parade has been cancelled.  There is a long story that goes along with this, but we'll just leave it at the fact that it has been cancelled.  I have been working on an alternative event, but the approval for that has not gone very well.  As of right now, we will be cancelling our Parade marching event for this year.  I will keep you posted if anything changes.
CANCELLED!  Assembly FRIDAY!! - 2nd Period practice/3rd period performance
This Friday morning at the beginning of 2nd period, band members will come to the band room and prep for our assembly performance.  Assemble your instrument, bring your flip folio and lyre with you to the upper gym. Instrumental sections will stand together (from all 4 bands).  During 2nd period we will rehearse and get ready for 3rd block.
Marching Band - FIRST GIG!!! (Take TWO;)  - Friday, September 17, 2021
  • You need a LYRE for your instrument, your flip folio, a refillable water bottle and your instrument.  Please bring all of this with you to the UM Grizzly Stadium.
  • Uniform will be the CRAZY RED AND GOLD that you wear for Spirit Day on Friday!  If you don't have Red and Gold, please fee free to wear your BLACK Hellgate Band shirt and shorts or jeans (if you want some help with some RED and GOLD i might be able to help you with that as well:)
  • Percussionists - we will make a plan for loading gear after school at 4:00 (need parent volunteers to help with transport).
  • ALL BAND MEMBERS - you bring your instrument with you to the UM Griz Stadium - we are meeting at the STADIUM at 5:30 PM (not sure where we are sitting at this point, but meet at the SOUTH entrance).
  • We are making plans to have food available for the band during 3rd quarter.
  • We will perform to the end of the game and should be done around 8:30 PM (students can be picked up at the stadium).
Uniform Check-Out
We have a new way of issuing uniforms that we are going to try this year!!  I am super excited to try this new system! 
On Friday, October 1 we will have a crew of parents in to help with measurements.  We will take everyone's measurements.  From there, for the girls we will either order new dresses or assign dresses from our current stock.  For the guys, we will pull the uniforms, organize them in bags to be brought home the next week.  Everyone will need to double check the fit at home the first week in October.
In preparation for our measurement day, we will be asking everyone to submit a short google form acknowledging that the fitting process will involve taking basic measurements for uniform fitting.  Waist, Inseam, Shoulders, Torsoe and Chest will be part of the measurements with a cloth tape.  A band parent with 20 years experience will be doing the measurements, so it will be quick and accurate.  IF you do not want to take part in this during class time you can schedule a fitting.  Appointments can be scheduled online at, you will need to mention that this is for Hellgate Uniforms.
One of the best ways to grow as a musician is to be involved with private lessons!  Especially as students return from being on MOA  or being away from playing their instrument in school, that one on one help is essential to growth and success.  We have a list of teachers at the bottom of our HANDBOOK tab (and pasted at the bottom of this page).  Please let me know if you need help making this happen for your student!!  

Do you have website "CHOPS"? (thanks Art:)!

We are hoping to update our old website - if this is in your wheelhouse of specialty and would like to take this on for us, please email the hellgate band parents at

If you missed the Band Parent Meeting, you can fill out this form. We're collecting contact info and sharing volunteer opportunities. Thank you!

The Hellgate Band Parents Inc. is the main support unit of the Hellgate Band Program. If you have a student in the program you are officially a "Hellgate Band Parent".   We are here to do whatever is needed, to be of service, to the musicians and director. We meet in a large general meeting only twice a year. During the first meeting we sign up for various project committees. These committees meet as often as needed in order to complete their project. Each committee has a coordinator to facilitate completion. It's a system with a proven track record of success for the Hellgate Bands.


All band parent communication can be sent to:


All for now!! SLATER


Private Lessons – Contact Info.

Private lessons are strongly encouraged for all students. I recommend lessons for any student, regardless of their level - beginning thru advanced. We are very fortunate to have this many highly qualified private instructors (thank you UM)! . Private lessons are the best way to grow into a high-level musician (this will make District /State Superiors and All-State membership WAY more achievable)!

Flute Dr. Tiana Grise’ - 218-443-6946

Dr. Jennifer Cooper - 606-207-1823 

Kirsten McGlynn - 406-270-0108 

Alli High - (406) -531-8612

Oboe Susi Stipich - 

Bassoon Alicia McLean - 

Clarinet Chuck Florence - 406-241-3544 

Aidan Robinson – 406-208-9558

Saxophone Chuck and/or Brooke Florence - 406-241-3544 

Jesse Dochnahl - (920) 829-4933

Aidan Robinson – 406-208-9558 

Ally Fradkin - (406) 214-8433

Horn -  Rory Anderson - 406-880-9877 

Dr. Zach Cooper - 407-739-2505 

Trumpet Brendan McGlynn - 406-529-9976 

John Driscol - 406-880-0684 

Leon Slater - 406-218-8090 


Trombone Naomi Siegel – 617-290-0639 

Josh Hungate - (406)550-4275

Rob Tapper - 


Euphonium/Tuba Dr. Benedict Kirby –

William Roesch - 614-832-8894

Percussion Samuel McKenzie - 

Loren Lauridson 

Jazz Guitar Ryan Belski - 

Jeff Troxel -, 307-272-9774 

Jazz Bass Tommy Sciple – 504-952-1506 

Ryan Davis -