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Friday, September 13, 2019

THANKS for a GREAT WEEK everyone!!
Parents that missed our meeting this past week: there are lots of opportunities to be involved in the Hellgate Band Parents organization.  Please follow this link to view some of these opportunities and get signed up to help:)  THANKS for getting involved:)  BAND PARENTS VOLUNTEERS
Hold on to your sanity - this next week is crazy busy!!  It is also going to be a ton of fun!  No stress, we'll get through this together!!  Here we go!
>Reminder that all WIND INSTRUMENT people need LYRES for their instrument!!:)
>National Anthem memorization assessment on Monday:)
Homecoming week schedule:
Monday - OPEN HOUSE for parents and students 6:00 to 8:00 PM
Tuesday  -  
Wednesday - Pep Assembly 6:45 PM to 8:00 PM (ish)
Thursday - Drum line 6:00 to 7:30 PM
Friday - Assembly performance & Football Game/Halftime Performance 4:00 to 8:30 PM
Bon Fire - Wednesday 9/19/18 - Detailed Schedule
UNIFORM - OUTFIT/COLORS - from the day, come as you are:)
6:00 PM - PIZZA DINNER (totally voluntary - come get involved if you want to:) - Take your instrument down to the River Bowl with you.  Get involved in the events and we will call the band together for our part of the evening.
The evening's events will take place at the River Bowl (PE classes know this place well:)
6:45 PM - REPORT for band warm-up and performance (at the River Bowl field)
7:00 PM - Perform for the Bon Fire
7:45 PM - DONE!!

Assembly performance - Friday, 9/20

You will need to be excused from your second period class at 9:00 AM.  Grab your horn, lyre and flip folder - performance is in the upper gym.

Friday, September 20 - Marching Band Performance Itinerary
Uniform is casual - NEW! Hellgate BLACK Shirt with Jeans or Shorts.
4:00 PM - Percussionists and Bass/Sousa section meet at Hellgate Band Room - LOAD EQUIP TRUCKS
4:30 PM - Meet AT Hellgate Band Room
4:45 PM - Attendance by sections/Load buses
5:00 PM - Leave for the stadium
5:15 PM - Arrive at the stadium
5:30 PM - Set up in the stands and run a few tunes
5:40 PM - Take our places on the TRACK
5:50 PM - Perform National Anthem
6:00 PM - Game begins!!
8:30 PM - At the end of the game, load the bus and return to Hellgate
We will perform from the stands for this game.  My plan right now, is to perform during the game, take a PIZZA break during Quarter 3 and stay to the end of the game.  PLEASE bring a water bottle and a JACKET with you!!  All band members need LYRES for their instruments to hold the provided music folios.
All-State Rehearsal Reminder
All-State band members will be auditioning for seating and demonstrating their level of prepartation for a panel member at the beginning of the All-State weekend.  Each All-State band members is responsible for the preparation of their individual parts.  To help band members in that process, we have 3 local All-State Band rehearsals.  Starting next Tuesday afternoon, All-State Band members are required to attend the All-State rehearsal taking place from 3:30 to 4:30 PM.  These rehearsals will take place in the band rooms at each of the schools.  Here is a reminder of the rotation:
  1. Tuesday October 1, at Hellgate
  2. Tuesday October 8, at SHS
  3. Tuesday October 15, at Big Sky
All for now:)  Appreciate you all!!   SLATER