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October 7, 2021

ISN'T OCTOBER BEAUTIFUL!!!  The colors are just GLORIOUS aren't they?  Hope you all had a great week!
If you (or someone you know) would be willing to do some alterations for the band program, will you please shoot me an email at  We need some more help with uniform alterations:)  THANK YOU!!
Quick reminder that our grading window closes on Tuesday.  All missing assignments will become zeros!  Please check IC and Googleclassroom to complete this work as soon as possible:)
Marching Band - FINAL PERFORMANCE - Thursday, October 14, 2021
PARENTS - we need a few more rigs for Percussion hauling.  4:00 PM - Meet at Hellgate (students load), 5:30 PM - Meet at MCPS Stadium (drive in North entrance), 9:00 PM - Pick-up at Stadium and return to school. 
Timeline for Band Members:
  • 4:00 PM - Percussionists - we will be loading gear after school at 4:00 (need parent volunteers to help with transport).
  • 4:00 PM - All band members pick up their instrument from the band room and take it home with you:).
  • 5:30 PM - Meet at the MCPS Stadium (out by Big Sky HS). - NE side of the stadium.
  • You need a LYRE for your instrument, your flip folio, a refillable water bottle, warm jacket and your instrument.  Please bring all of this with you to the MCPS Stadium
  • Uniform will be our BLACK Marching Band T-Shirt with Jeans/Slacks.  Please LAYER sweatshirt and warmer shell over the top of this for later in the evening.
  • We are making plans to have food available for the band during 3rd quarter.
  • We will perform to the end of the game and should be done around 9:00 PM (students will be picked up at the stadium).
  • Percussionists and Sousa's meet back at the school after the game for putting away all INSTRUMENTS.
All-State Code of Conduct/Permission Slips
MCPS board policy includes all musicians in extra-curricular opportunities in their "Code of Conduct" rules and regulations.  We have always done these PAPER forms with all All-State, Pep Band and State Festival musicians.  MCPS has switched these forms to an online process.  We need all All-State musicians/parents to visit this link, register and fill out/sign the MCPS Code of Conduct and Travel Release forms on this site.  Rank One (
New York Trip Reminders AND  Commission Project Update!
THANK YOU to everyone that has been proactive in keeping up with the trip payments.  I am WAY behind in documenting payments receieved and payments OUT to the festival and airlines.  Thank you for double checking that you are current on our Trip Payment Schedule!  Next payment is coming up at the end of October.  Trip payment schedule is on our EVENTS page!!
As part of the Carnegie Hall Festival/NY Trip, the festival has a NEW MUSIC INITIATIVE where bands from the festival can apply to be the "Commission Project Ensemble".  I applied using the Wind Ensembles recording from the 2020 AA Band recording of "Angels in the Architecture" by Frank Ticheli.  This past week I received the following email from the festival organizers:
"Dear Leon - Congratulations to you and your ensemble on being selected as the winner of the World Projects New Music Initiative at the 2022 New York International Music Festival! I have copied your composer, Vince Oliver, on this email."
As part of this initiative Mr. Oliver will compose a composition specifically for the Hellgate Wind Ensemble to perform in Carnegie Hall.  We will be given extra time on stage to perform the world premier of this new composition.  Mr. Oliver and are discussing the strengths of the ensemble and will be focused on the composition process over the next few months!  This is going to be such a cool process and I am so excited that we get to be a part of this project!!  Congratulations to the Hellgate BANDS!!
*All-State Itinerary
Parents - IF you are coming to Great Falls for the concert, please remember you will need a ticket:)  Info about purchasing tickets is in the music folder of your band member. OR -  Tickets are $10 and general admission. 
If your student is riding home with you after the concert, you need to fill out and submit the BLUE Travel Release form from the office (we will need to meet me at the bus following the concert for official check-out before traveling home).
Packing List:
  • SCHOOL UNIFORM - Performance Clothing
  • 2 days of casual clothes
  • $$ for 2 meals and snacks ($30ish?)
  • Overnight needs/Toiletries
  • All-State Folder & Music (with 2 PENCILS)
  • Instrument (Reeds, Oil etc...)
  • YOUR collapsable/foldable music stand
Wednesday, October 20
1:15 PM Bus #3 Loads Sentinel
1:30 PM Bus #2 Loads Big Sky
1:30 PM Bus #3 Departs Sentinel for Hellgate
1:45 PM Bus #1 & #3 Load Hellgate
2:00 PM ALL Busses Depart Missoula
5:00 PM Arrive Great Falls
  Dinner stop at local fast food joints - Student $$
6:30 PM Registration at Great Falls High School Auditorium Foyer (1900 2nd Ave. South)
7:00 PM Auditions/seating for all students - rooms TBD
8:30 PM Return to hotels with directors/chaperones
Thursday, October 21
8:00 AM Arrive at Great Falls High /Paris Gibson Ed. Center/First Church of Nazarene
8:30 AM Rehearsals Begin
  Band on stage at Great Falls High
  Orchestra at Paris Gibson Educ. Ctr (2400 Central Ave)
  Choir at First Church of the Nazarene - Across Street from GFHS - 1727 2nd Ave. S.
11:30 AM LUNCH
  Choir lunch in GFHS cafeteria
  Orchestra Lunch at PGEC
  Band Lunch in GFHS cafeteria
12:30 PM All Rehearsals resume
4:30 PM Rehearsals end - pick up students at sites
7:00 PM Host night Concert - Civic Center
  2 Park Dr S
9:00 PM Return to hotel
Friday, October 22 Check out of the hotel today - Performance Attire with you (seperate from your luggage)
8:30 AM Rehearsals Begin
  CHOIR bus to Civic Center, on stage 9-11; bus back to Nazarene
11:30 AM Lunch at various sites -
  Choir Lunch in GFHS cafeteria
  Orchestra Lunch at PGEC
  Band Lunch in GFHS cafeteria
12:30 PM Rehearsals resume
  Orchestra bus to Civic Center, on stage 12:45-3:00
2:45 PM Band bus to Civic Center, on stage 3:15-4:45
4:00 PM Choir rehearsal ends, bus shuttle to civic center
4:30 AM Orchestra rehesarsal ends, bus shuttle to civic center
5:00 PM Dinner
6:00 PM Dress for Gala All-State Concert (at Civic Center)
  Make arrangements to have concert attire at Civic Center
6:30 PM Warm-up/staging
  Choir in Gibson room
  Orchestra in MIssouri Room
  Band on stage
6:50 PM Move to assigned seating (with instruments)
7:00 PM 2021 Montana All-State Gala Concert, Civic Center Auditorium
9:30 PM Busses depart for Missoula after Gala Concert
Saturday, October 23
12:30 AM Arrive Missoula - take students to individual high schools
Percussion Ensemble/Jazz Band Concert - Wednesday, October 27, 2021
The Drumline/Percussion Ensemble and Jazz Band will be in concert with the Washington 7th and 8th grade bands on Wednesday, October 27 at 7:00 PM.  More details will be coming later, but I just wanted to get this on everyone's radar:)!  We will need a set-up crew and a tech booth crew.  If you would like to be trained on TECH BOOTH, please let me know and we will train you on our amazing Sound Board and Lighting system! 
All for now!  Have a great weekend - Slater