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Friday, March 31, 2017

Apologies - just realized I didn't send this yesterday afternoon:)  Happy Saturday AM!!
Happy Friday to you all!!  What a fabulous week of work (after an amazing week of vacation:)!!  Thanks for all of your efforts during class this week - you all inspire me every day!!
This next week is a busy one, so here are the details you need to be in the right place at the right time.
Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday evening.  Due to the extended schedule of hosting District Music Festival I am offering times that are a bit more spread out.   I will be available from 3:30 to 6:30 PM Tuesday, 3:30 to 5:00 PM Wednesday, and Friday AM - 10:00 to 12:00 AM.  Please let me know if you would like to schedule a time.
Pre-District Concert - Wednesday, April 5
Symphonic Band and Concert Band will give  a performance of their District Festival pieces at 7:30 PM.  Call time is 7:00 PM.  This will be a short concert featuring some small ensembles from Wind Ensemble and SIGHT READING by our young bands - it should be a lot of FUN - please come join us!!
Large Ensemble District Performances - Thursday, April 6 - ALL PARENTS ARE WELCOME TO COME JOIN US FOR THESE PERFORMANCES!!!
All of this information will be covered in class, but just so parents can help out, here are the details:)
Thursday, April 6 - Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble District Festival performances.
Concert Band members should wear their uniforms to school on Thursday and arrive by 7:40 AM.
Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble members need to bring their uniforms to school with them on Thursday morning.  (It might help reduce the stress level to wear part of your uniform to 1st and 2nd period). 
Individual Band Schedules for Thursday, April 6:

Concert Band

7:40 AM - Report to the band room in FULL UNIFORM. 

7:45 AM - Warm-up and TUNING

7:50 AM - Move to the auditorium/final prep

8:00 AM - District Festival Performance

8:40 AM - Quickly change clothes and report to Period 2

(Period 3 - report to the auditorium)


Symphonic Band

8:15 AM - Released from 1st period - please report to the band room asap.

8:20 AM - Change into uniforms and begin warming up

8:30 AM - GROUP WARM-UP/Drone and TUNING

8:35 AM - Move to Auditorium

8:40 AM - District Festival Performance

9:20 AM - Quickly change clothes and report to Period 3


Wind Ensemble

8:55 AM - Released from 2nd period - Please report to the band room asap.

9:00 AM - Change clothes and begin warm-up

9:10 AM - Group Warm-up, DRONE and Tune

9:15 AM - Move to the Auditorium

9:20 AM - District Festival Performance

10:00 AM - Change Clothes and remain for Period 4



All band members need to take all uniforms, instruments and music home with them on Thursday afternoon.  We will be hosting hundreds of people at Hellgate Friday and Saturday.  You will not have access to the band room on Saturday - please take your instruments, music and uniforms HOME ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON! thank you:)


District Festival Set-up Crew

As always, Hellgate will be hosting District Festival Solo and Small Ensemble Festival.  We always do an amazing job of hosting and taking care of the "nuts and bolts" of the festival.  There will be hundreds of people from all over western Montana in our building on Saturday and it truly takes the amazing students of Hellgate to pull this thing off!

We will need a crew of students to take care of setting up on Friday, April 7 (we will meet Friday afternoon at 1:00 PM) and tearing down the festival on Saturday, April 8 (starting at 4:30 PM).  Musicianship and Lettering points are available for those folks that volunteer and work this portion of our festival.


Solo and Small Ensemble District Performances

Friday, April 7 - Piano Solos and String Ensembles are scheduled on Friday.  Piano solos are at First Immanuel Lutheran Church on South Avenue across the street from Sentinel HS.  String ensembles are at Hellgate on Friday.

Saturday, April 8 - Jazz Band and ALL solos and small ensembles are scheduled for Saturday.

A complete schedule for Friday's piano solos and all Saturday's solos and small ensembles can be found on the Hellgate Bands EVENTS page. 

District Festival Procedure
You will need to take your instrument and uniform home with you on Thursday, April 6 after your large ensemble district festival performances.  You will not have access to the band room during the day on Saturday.
Here are a few guidelines you need to be familiar with:
  • Know when you are scheduled to perform. Arrive at least a half hour early, go to the lower gym and warm-up appropriately.
  • Be at your performance site at least 10 minutes early.
  • Jazz Band will perform in uniform. All other solos and ensembles should dress like you're going to interview for a high paying job.
  • You must have an original copy of your music for the adjudicator.  All original scores are in my office in the box marked DISTRICT MUSIC - please return them to the box after you are done performing as other groups may need the same book.  You may not give the adjudicator a photo-copy of the original.
  • You must have all the measures of your music numbered.
  • Be sure and introduce yourself, your grade, your school, the piece you are playing, the composer and your accompanist. In that order.  
For example:
"Hello, I am John Ruediger,  I'm a senior at Hellgate High School. Today I will be performing the complete collection of Eric Whitacre's Choral literature -  No accompanist needed.
"Hello, I am Olivia Quintero, a senior at Hellgate and this is Madelaine Millar, also a Senior at Hellgate .  Today we will be playing "Concerto for 2 Upside Down Horns by Dr. Suess". 
If you don't know how to pronounce the name of your composer or the title of the piece please feel free to ask me.
Perform with confidence and enthusiasm. Remember it's a performance - rarely will everything go perfectly.  Concentrate on the music rather than on a note by note critique of your playing.  Focus your mind's energy on the creation of beauty - phrase by phrase - until your performance is completed.
After your performance be sure you smile, thank the audience for their recognition of your efforts and be prepared to listen attentively to what the adjudicator has for you to learn. Remember the adjudicator is there to help your musical skills improve. They will have things that they enjoyed about your performance and things that they would like you to do to improve. That's what we pay them to do - so listen carefully.
Thank the adjudicator when he/she is finished.
Thank you for your preperation, dedication and energy in doing the music justice!!  I sooooo appreciate you doing your absolute best!!
I think this is all for now.  Thanks again for all your hard work - you all are simply amazing!!