Band Parents

The Hellgate Band Parents Inc. is the main support unit of the Hellgate Band Program. If you have a student in the program you are officially a "Hellgate Band Parent".   We are here to do whatever is needed to be of service to the musicians and director. We meet in a large general meeting only twice a year. During the first meeting we sign up for various project committees. These committees meet as often as needed in order to complete their project. Each committee has a coordinator to facilitate completion. It's a system with a proven track record of success for the Hellgate Bands.


Band Parent Website -

All band parent communication can be sent to:



Steffanie Marshall


President-elect (VP):

Keri Maart



Mark Cummings



Jennie Yonce


Past Presidents

2017/18 - Shannon Pinkston

2016/17 - Jen Straughan

2015/16 - Jen Straughan

2014/15 - Lance Hinther

2013/14 - Stacey Sherwin

2012/13 - Stacey Sherwin

2011/12 - Bill Haniszewski


Meeting Outline from Sept. 12, 2017


THANK YOU for coming and for all you do and have done to support Hellgate Band! Thank you to BBQ organizers!

Band Parents Inc. Mission Statement: Hellgate Band Parents support and advocate for the HHS Band Music Program by supporting the band director and engaging parents, families and the community.


· Leon Slater, Director of Bands

· Hellgate Band Parents, Inc. email:

· Officers


· All Star Students (All State, All National, other)

· Important Reminders:

o All parents should be signed up for band news email - OR text notification ( or preferably both. Anyone need to get signed up NOW?

o White FEE - $30.00

o Percussion use fee - $30

o Hellgate Instrument Rental forms and $$ due back


Why Are We Here?

In order to keep the Hellgate Bands active and productive, we truly NEED parents to be involved. This donation of time and energy is really a service to our community (we simply would not be able to do “extras” without the service of our parents). Extras like – International music festivals (Hawaii/Chicago), performing for Osprey games, traveling to Savannah, GA or performing in Carnegie Hall. All of these things are “extras” that enrich our student’s lives AND create pride within our community. WE are able to do EXTRA because we come together as a community and support our students.

Volunteer Sign-up : (See attached Volunteer Opportunity Sheet) PLEASE take a minute and use the method that best suites YOU!

1. Pencil and Paper – sign-up sheet.

2. Use your smart phone (justify that monthly bill:-) –

3. Use this laptop at the end of our meeting to access the questionnaire


Items for discussion:

1. HUGE thank you to Liz Slater for her leadership in running the Fair Booth. Details! Discussion regarding future of Fair Booth (October Band Parent mtg)

2. Treasurers REPORT – Bill McCormack

a. Band Accounts and Their Differences:

i. Hellgate Band Parents 501c3

ii. Band Student Travel Account: for your band student

iii. Band Activities Account – white fee, percussion

iv. Leon Slater Opportunity Fund: Administered by Leon Slater through the MCPS Fine Arts Dept.


3. Sousa THANK YOU to band parents, students and KORT!

4. Band Merchandise for sale

5. Communication: See attached Parent Contact Form

        a. Band NEWS (Band Gram)

        b. Text Messages – check to see if you are signed up

         c. Hellgate Band Website

        d. Facebook Pages e. Email:

        f. Phone 728-2400 x-6035 g. Hellgate Band Parents, Inc.     

        h. Google Calendar


6. ** Election of Officers – need to elect Vice President (essentially, a president-elect to learn the ropes this year and serve as president for next school year).


7. Plans for this year and NEXT:

a. Jazz Band will be traveling this year –

           i. We will be traveling to Livingston for a Jazz Festival on Friday, November 3.

          ii. We will be auditioning for Swing Central/Savannah, GA (March 30 – April 2)

             and Jazz at Lincoln Center/New York, NY.

b. TRAVEL opportunities for the band:


i. The Hellgate Bands have been invited to represent Montana at the 75th Commemoration of D-Day in Normandy, FR.

ii. New York Wind Band Festival – March 2019

iii. Lincoln Center Music Festival/Washington D.C. – April 2019

iv. Parent volunteer needed to assist with organization/$$ tracking.


8. Monthly Band Parent Meetings

a. Next Hellgate Band Parent Meeting is Monday, Oct. 9, 6:30, Hellgate High School, Location TBD



Volunteers and Coordinators needed:

Please sign-up on attached sheet or spreadsheet for involvement – note a special area you would like to be involved in OR leave blank and we will contact you as needs arise. THANK YOU!


1. Parent Volunteers –

a. Uniform Check-out/Alterations and uniform room maintenance (coordinator – Alison Dahlen– need a parent of a sophomore to volunteer to learn the ropes for this position and to take over for next year.

      i. Uniform check-out days are set for Mon. 9/18 -10:40-11:30, Tues 9/19- 8:30-11:30- Wed. 9/20 -8:30-11:30

      ii. Marching Band Uniform check-in will take place Monday, October 16

      iii. Dress Sizing will take place that same day:-)

b. Marching Band Equipment moves for the following events :

     (sign-up on spreadsheet – We will be calling to request help - ) Jeff Brandt

i. Friday, September 15, 2017 - Marching Band (in stands) MCPS Stadium –meet at Hellgate 5:30 PM – return gear to Hellgate 9:30 PM – Would love to have a snack for the M.B (note below)

ii. Friday, September 29, 2017 – Marching Band – Field show – MCPS Stadium – Times TBD (need a dinner plan for this evening as well).

c. Marching Band FOOD- Coordinator needed

i. Friday, Sept. 15 – snack type stuff (allergy alert – peanut). Needed at MCPS stadium by 6:30ISH

ii. Friday, Sept. 29 – dinner for break between rehearsal and performance (5:00 PM serve/eat)

d. Marching Band VIDEO footage – UM Homecoming Parade (Oct. 14 and ½ time show Sept. 29

i. UM Homecoming Parade Banner Carriers (two smaller – young elementary students with a parent helper:-)

e. PICTURES throughout the entire school year. From Marching Band to Senior Concert

Thank you to Rich Poitras for maintaining the Hellgate Band Parents Website!

i. We need a parent who will be the contact for accumulation of Hellgate Band parent photos

ii. We need a parent or two who will be in charge of our slide show for the band banquet

f. Citrus Sale starts in October, however the Citrus Delivery Day is a big job (coordinator - ) – We need volunteers for the first full week of December. We will be notified of our delivery day during the week prior to this event.

Delivery day is a 11:30 – 6:30 PM job (multiple shifts) to help organize and separate orders.


Citrus delivery order/$$ accounting will be handled by Treasurer, Bill McCormack.

g. Swing for a Knight Fundraiser Dance and Silent Auction: Tentative Date: February 24, 2018 – TWO shows: early 6:00 – 7:30 PM and 8:00 – 9:30 PM

Currently considering location change from Senior Center to the Florence Hotel (# of tickets to each show/cost of tickets) – Discussion on type of format


Solicitation of - Corporate Sponsorship of “Big Band Dance”

This is a Jazz Band trip year: Funds from Swing for a Knight will support travel, etc.

h. Student Recognition and Publicity Coordinator: Communicate with FB and Website Organizers to publicize all Band Events

i. Rhonda Huguet: Thank you for updating the Hellgate Band facebook page! Please like and join us!! Email pics of ALL Band activities to:

i. KORT Representative: Interested in Representing Hellgate Band Parents at KORT meetings? If you already work at the coffee cart, this may be perfect for you.

j. Organize Decorating Lockers: We also need a few people to help decorate lockers!!

i. All National Ensemble

ii. All-State Band, Choir, Orchestra

iii. District Festival Superiors

iv. State Festival Superiors



Donation Solicitation Committee: group of parents soliciting local businesses for help with our ongoing needs. (it has been suggested that we need a special incentive to recognize businesses as “Friends of the Hellgate Bands” – window stickers “We support our Hellgate Bands”)? Other ideas??

Special Needs:

1. Scholarship FUND – for hard-working students that need help getting private lessons or making a trip payment.

2. Advanced level instruments – I have a list of needs

a. TUBAS!!! Are done!! ($18k)

b. Tenors for Jazz Band are done!! ($7k)

c. Sousaphones are next on the list!! SIX brass sousaphones is the goal!

i. We now have FOUR!! – Two more to go:)

Other Fund-Raising opportunities:

1. Coffee Fund-raiser starts THIS WEEK!!

2. ??????? – if you have an idea and would like to coordinate it for the group, please share out AND note it on the computer… Shannon Pinkston will help with coordination/communication.

VP of Band Parents – _________________________

SO…..let’s do this – please sign-up via:

Supplies List – Office supply needs will be sent out via Please help if you can. We spend every penny of District budgeted funds on purchasing music for our students.