Band Parents

If you missed the Band Parent Meeting, you can fill out this form. We're collecting contact info and sharing volunteer opportunities. Thank you!

The Hellgate Band Parents Inc. is the main support unit of the Hellgate Band Program. If you have a student in the program you are officially a "Hellgate Band Parent".   We are here to do whatever is needed, to be of service, to the musicians and director. We meet in a large general meeting only twice a year. During the first meeting we sign up for various project committees. These committees meet as often as needed in order to complete their project. Each committee has a coordinator to facilitate completion. It's a system with a proven track record of success for the Hellgate Bands.


All band parent communication can be sent to:



Erika Hickey


President-elect (VP):

October Moynahan



Art Woods



Amy Saltzman


Past Presidents

2018/19 - Steffanie Marshall

2017/18 - Shannon Pinkston

2015/16 - Jen Straughan

2014/15 - Lance Hinther

2013/14 - Stacey Sherwin

2012/13 - Stacey Sherwin

2011/12 - Bill Haniszewski