Hellgate Bands   2016-17 Performance Dates

Date Day Group Event Name Place Time
9/18/2016 Sunday Hawaii Band Group* Hawaii Rehearsal/Marching Practice Hellgate Band Room 4:00 - 7:00 PM
10/1/2016 Saturday ALL Bands UM Homecoming Parade Dwntwn 8:00 AM
10/7/2016 Friday ALL Bands Hellgate Homecoming Stadium 7:30 PM
10/14/2016 Friday ALL Bands Concert w/ Mercer Island Marching Band Caras Park 5:00 PM
10/16/2016 Sunday Hawaii Band Group* Hawaii Rehearsal/Marching Practice Hellgate Band Room 4:00 - 7:00 PM
10/18/2016 Tuesday Jazz Band Jazz Band Collaboration Concert Auditorium 7:30 PM
10/19 - 10/21 Weds - Fri All-State Musicians All-State Band/Orch/Choir Great Falls all day
11/17/2016 Thursday Wind Ensemble/ Hawaii Band+ Washington 8th w/ Wind Ensemble Auditorium 7:00 PM
11/20/2017 Sunday Hawaii Band Group* Hawaii Rehearsal/Marching Practice Hellgate Band Room 4:00 - 7:00 PM
12/1/2016 Thursday Hawaii Band Group* Hawaii Final Performance Auditorium 7:30 PM
12/3 - 12/8/2016 Sat./Thurs. Hawaii Band Group* Pearl Harbor Trip Hellgate/HI TBD
12/20/2016 Tuesday ALL Bands Winter Concert Auditorium 7:30 PM
12/21/2016 Wednesday Wind Ensemble/Jazz Holiday Assembly Upper Gym 9:30 AM
2/2/2017 Thursday Jazz Band Jazz Collaboration Concert Auditorium 7:00 PM
2/16-2/19 Thurs -Sun All-NW Musicians NAfME All-Northwest Bellevue all day
2/24/2017 Friday Jazz Band Special Guest Allen Vizutti Auditorium all day/7:30
2/28/2017 Tuesday Concert Band & Symphonic Band UM Concert Band Festival UM-Missoula all day
3/4/2017 Saturday ALL BANDS (jazz band performs) Swing For A Knight - Big Band Dance Senior Center 6:00/8:00 PM
3/6 - 3/7 Mon-Tues Wind Ensemble AA Band Festival TBA  
3/16/2017 Thursday Jazz Band UM Jazz Festival UM all day
4/5/2017 Wednesday Concert Band & Symphonic Band Pre-District Concert Auditorum 7:30 PM
4/5 - 4/8 Thurs-Sat ALL Bands District Music Festival Hellgate/Sentinel all day
5/5-5/6 Fri-Sat Solos/Small Ensembles State Music Festival UM-Missoula all day
5/10/2017 Wednesday Wind Ensemble/Jazz 36th POPS Concert Upper Gym 7:00 PM
5/17/2017 Wednesday  ALL BANDS Montana STATE Special Olympics Hellgate/UM 6:00 PM
5/24/2017 Wednesday Concert Band & Symphonic Band Final Concert Auditorium 7:30 PM
5/25/2017 Thursday ALL Bands Band Banquet and Awards TBA 6:00 PM
5/25/2017 Thursday Wind Ensemble/Jazz Senior Concert Auditorium 8:00 PM
6/3/2017 Saturday Band Graduation UM Dahlberg Arena TBA
* REQUIRED of all Pearl Harbor Band personnel
CONGRATS to all the Hellgate Band musicians - Large Ensemble Scores below:
  1. Concert Band: Prepared - Superior (I) ; Sight Reading - Superior (I)
  2. Symphonic Band: Prepared - Superior (I) ; Sight Reading - Superior (I)
  3. Wind Ensemble: Prepared - Superior (I) ; Sight Reading - Superior (I)
Solos and Small Ensembles that received a Superior (I) rating are eligible to attend State Music Festival at UM May 5 and 6.  Attendance at State is voluntary for groups with 5 or fewer members.  All participants are responsible for paying fees and transporting themselves to their scheduled time at State.
Carolyn Graham Hellgate
 I Linda Twidwell Hellgate
II Rivers Perry Hellgate
 I Haham Hellgate
 I Alexandria Pauldine Hellgate
 I Brooke Riley Hellgate
 I Double A Flute Duet Hellgate
 I Rascal Brats Duet Hellgate
II Hans Skovlin Hellgate
II Katie Munro Hellgate
II Ear-Shatterers Hellgate
 I Allison High - Flute Hellgate
II Donovan/Perry Duet Hellgate
Arianna Nguyen-Haberneski Hellgate
III Symphonic Flute Quartet 10 Hellgate
II Symphonic Flute Trio Hellgate
III McInnis/Munro Duet Hellgate
NS Sydney & Haleigh Duet Hellgate
"Trumpets" Hellgate
McKinley Biddulph Hellgate
Hannah Gass Hellgate
II Clarinetateers Hellgate
II Dillon/Gray duet Hellgate
II Rivers Perry Hellgate
The Claritets Hellgate
II The Smartiepants Duet Hellgate
Wacky Woodwinds Hellgate
Erik Marchesano Hellgate
Sophia Richter Hellgate
Cade Donovan Hellgate
Eriko Marchococo Ensemble Hellgate
II Bassoon & Bass Clarinet Quartet Hellgate
Nate (asha) Duet Hellgate
II Sam & the minor details Hellgate
The Non-Missoulians Hellgate
Rachel Schubert Hellgate
II A River Runs Through It Hellgate
Erik & Rivers Duet Hellgate
Grace Ravesloot Hellgate
II Maya Ward Hellgate
Clarinet Trees Hellgate
Katrina Liston Hellgate
II Emily Gmeiner Hellgate
II Pineapple Trio Hellgate
Moira McBurney Hellgate
Ellana Ursery Hellgate
Bassoon/Trombone Duet Hellgate
McBursery Duet Hellgate
II Gabriela Flores Hellgate
II  One Direction Duo Hellgate
II  Bassoon/Flute Duet (McB/Ngu) Hellgate
II  Sax Quartet #1 Hellgate
Vondaine Duet Hellgate
Ally Fradkin Hellgate
II  Sax-o-fun Hellgate
II  TBD Woodwind Ensemble Hellgate
II  Rasmussen/Huguet Duet Hellgate
III The Saxy Saxes Hellgate
Horn Duet Hellgate
Blake Dahlen Hellgate
II  Horn/Tbone Trio Hellgate
Really Great Trumpet Duet with a really great name Hellgate
II  Double Treble Hellgate
Hannah Mikesell Hellgate
Olivia Quintero Hellgate
Horn Quintet Hellgate
Luke Sippel Hellgate
Gabe Gray Hellgate
Lowry/Mikesell Trumpet Duet Hellgate
II  Trumpet Twins Hellgate
II  Symphonic Band Trumpet Quintet Hellgate
II  Holly & Alex Duet Hellgate
NS Bari Bone duetest Hellgate
The Three Trumpeteers Hellgate
NS The Five Seasons Brass Quintet Hellgate
II  Walker/Riley Duet Hellgate
II  Gray/Maart Duet Hellgate
II  Rootin' Tootin' Horns Hellgate
II  Walker/Serviss Duet (tbone/Euph) Hellgate
II  The Sexy Sextet Hellgate
Trevor Monsos Hellgate
NS We Overcome The Wind Hellgate
Three Musket T's Hellgate
II  Serviss/Walker Duet (euph/Piano) Hellgate
Two Dudes Hellgate
III Hellgate Brass Choir Hellgate
No Brass Like Low Brass Hellgate
Calvin & Hobbs Duo Hellgate
NS John Ruediger Hellgate
SkrivJanez Duet Hellgate
Meredith Walker Hellgate
Marshall Softich Hellgate
II  Chace Gurzynski Hellgate
Sophia Richter - Guitar Hellgate
II  Levi & Natalie Marimba Duet Hellgate
Ella Brinkman - Snare Hellgate
II  Concert Band Marimba Duet Hellgate
The Octave Ensemble Hellgate
II  Buffalo and The Gang Hellgate
II  Slaptet Hellgate
Ella Brinkman - Marimba Hellgate
Duet de la Percusian Hellgate
Carson Brandt - Marimba Hellgate
II  Before Common Era Duet Hellgate
II  Hellgate Symphonic Band Brass Hellgate
II  Hellgate Jazz Combo 4 Hellgate
Hellgate Jazz Band Hellgate
II  Hellgate Jazz Combo 3 Hellgate
II  Hellgate Jazz Combo 2 Hellgate
II  Hellgate Jazz Combo 1 Hellgate
II Hellgate Jazz Club Hellgate
Ella Brinkman - Piano Hellgate
Oscar Duffeld - Piano Hellgate
II  Kenzie Nash - piano Hellgate
II  Nash/Duffeld Duet Hellgate
II  Claire Everingham - Piano Hellgate
Billy Stone - Piano Hellgate