Wish List

Many supporters of the Hellgate Band program ask how they can help with specific needs. The following is a list of important and immediate needs. If you would like to help purchase one the items below, please contact me.

 Another way to help the Hellgate Band program is to make a tax deductible donation to the Leon Slater Opportunity Fund. This fund was established a few years ago by some very thoughtful band parents to give the director extensive flexibility and latitude to better serve the needs and desires of the Hellgate Band. Since its inception, the Opportunity Fund has purchased the Variable Acoustic Technology in one of our practice rooms, private lessons, band camp scholarships and helped purchase much needed instrument upgrades for our program!


List of equimpent/instrument NEEDS for the Hellgate Band program:

Timpani w/ guages (set of 5) - $16,500

MARCHING BASS DRUMS: Set of 5 Yamaha Bass Drums - TOTAL: $1800

Professional Level Bass Clarinet (2) - $5800 each

Contra Bass Clarinet - $5800

Contra Bassoon - $30,000 (seriously - we can dream, right?:)

Jazz Band Library: One of our newest classes that we need to build a more modern library for, is Jazz Ensemble. TOTAL - $2500

If you would like to send a donation, make your check out to The Leon Slater Opportunity Fund and send it in care of:

Business Director
Missoula County Public Schools
915 South Ave. West
Missoula, MT 59801

Thank you so much! 



VIBES (adams) - $4700 - PURCHASED SUMMER 2013!!! (by private donations)

Professional level - MIRAPHONE TUBAS (2) - $18,450 - PURCHASED SPRING 2015 (by private campaign)

Professional level - Yamaha Custom Z Tenor Saxes (2) - $6800 - PURCHASED Spring 2016 (by private donor)

BRASS Sousaphones (4) - $17,500 - FOUR PURCHASED SUMMER 2017 (by Hellgate Band Parents)


Donors List


If there is one thing I know for sure, John Combs is an amazing teacher, mentor and human being.  In his honor I would like to continue his tradition of giving, supporting and helping students in their journey through music.  The John Combs Opportunity Fund (now named The Leon Slater Opportunity Fund) will be used to sponsor private lesson scholarships, send students to summer learning opportunities, purchase much needed percussion gear and other instruments and purchase music.

The Hellgate Band would like to thank the following individuals for donating to the Leon Slater Opportunity Fund.

Your generosity is most appreciated!

  • The Sherwin Family
  • The Frandsen Family
  • Frank & Maggie Allen
  • Jackie Johnson
  • Susan Rauch
  • Jeanne Moon
  • Bruce Hardy
  • Wendy Kautz
  • Lynda Thur
  • John & Karen Spierling
  • Janna Gobeo
  • Mary Murk
  • David Horgan
  • Karen Overland
  • Patricia Gahagan
  • Colleen Baldwin
  • Demarise Raunig
  • Ray Carlisle
  • Meredith Hoistad
  • Alicia Gignoux
  • Janet Sproull
  • Carla Hoehmler
  • Lindsay Addington
  • Kathleen Gaskill
  • Melody Blomgren
  • Barbara Westenberg
  • Carrie Ruff
  • Doreen Shafizaden
  • Cindy Bendickson
  • Kristine Salmonson
  • Janet Guffin
  • Debra Somer
  • Geodata Services Inc.
  • Carl Anderson
  •  Bob & Shirley Schottelkorb